Under the Lights and leaves on the trees turning red and orange have now become synonymous with fall for our family. Our summer builds with such excitement as we prepare for our annual celebration of Battle@Buffalo that when Under the Lights is over it feels like a fast free fall into the fall season and I am not quite ready to let go of the summer.
Under the Lights 6 is happening in 3 days and is marking a turning point as we have past our first decade as a studio and are quickly approaching our first decade of Under the Lights events.
As the world around us seems to reach new chaotic heights of certainty, there is comfort in seeing the continued support of our ‪#‎culture‬ and ‪#‎community‬. To watch Buffalo grow and expand and maintain it’s roots and humility is inspiring and we are so excited to gather with you on Saturday and celebrate another year of dance, music, art and friendship.
Understanding that none of us are perfect, we all make mistakes and irritate each other, we don’t always agree on decisions made by the judges at events and we don’t all like each other’s art or moves or music yet, we CAN and we DO support and respect each other’s ability and passion to continue finding ourselves and expressing ourselves through the elements of ‪#‎hiphop‬
 Maintaining is never the goal. Inspiring, progressing and evolving is always the mission and we look forward to including you in the vision. This year we are happy and proud to present a KIDS BATTLE to the line up of dance and art options available. Children ages 5 to 12 may register for their own dance battle AND cap design battle!
We will be releasing a Verve Dance Studio, Battle @ Buffalo and Under the Lights Scrapbook for your viewing pleasure at #VerveUTL6. Cherish the memories and share with your friends and family. We create the reality we live so let’s make it one we can be proud of.
Thank you all for being part of our lives, 
Heather, Shane, Brooklynn, Sebastian, Ilana, Irie and the Verve Dance Studio Team!



Shane, Irie and Heather UTL5
Your Hosts, Heather Russell and Shane Fry!

Winning Cap Design by Tim Carrig

Winning Cap Design of the 2015 Cap Design Contest by Tim Carrig

Photo taken from the Roof of the New Era Cap building! Photo Credit: Jonathan McGrath

Photo taken from the New Era Roof by Jonathan McGrath

Genocide and TEIN hugging it out after a tough round!

Genocide and TEIN hugging it out after a tough round!

This annual event is made possible by New Era Cap and the hard working staff and volunteers of Verve Dance Studio. Created as an extension of our monthly Battle @ Buffalo events, Under the Lights was born to bring what we do to the streets of Buffalo. Engaging a larger audience and promoting cross city and cross country involvement in the Hip Hop community. It is our endeavor to continue to grow this event, enlarging each element of Hip Hop within the event, B-boying, MC-ing, Dj-ing, and Graffiti as we go.