After 11 years in our home at 910 Main Street, Verve has been given just a few short months to vacate our space, and find a new location. Verve is a cultural institution in Buffalo, NY, providing dance & arts education to thousands of kids each year, as well a space for people from all walks of life to come together at our monthly Battle @ Buffalo.

We’re asking for your support so we can continue to provide a positive outlet for our city’s youth, and a safe, welcoming space for artists of all ages to express themselves and grow together, as a community.

You can contribute directly to Verve’s new home here:

Every dollar counts! From the whole Verve family, to you, our community, THANK YOU for your support!

#FF0000 Raised $5,762 towards the $36,000 target.

Shoutouts & Love to everyone who has donated to help Verve continue so far. We are thankful for you:
Al Wo & EKL Pro (for the amazing video above)
Kareem Utley
Michelle McGriff
MuMMBLz & BabyTuie SiRiANNi
Jojo Bevilacqua
Jamie and Electroskip LLC
Schneckebone Dionne
Will Harbin
Joy Jordan
Michael Antonió
Mollie Ross
Zach Kellogg
Anna Vuich
Marissa Biondolillo
Veronica Li
Chuckie Campbell
Hope Mora
Ray Marie
Julie Campanella
Ben Abdallah
Lea Carrillo
Nicole Conte
Maria Schenk
Vilona Trachtenberg
Kelsey Schork
Christina Walsh
Christopher Hamm
Jennifer Olivas
Nathalie Curcio
Camaican Sensation
Marjorie McAllister
Hannah Rebrovich
Meaghan Baron
Sommer O’Donnell
Gaitrie Subryan
Stephanie T
Jonny Percy
Barrett Gordon
Jessica Thompson
Sarah Stone
Dan Green
Jordan Cleveland
Garrett Szydlowski
Amber O’Dierno
Sarah Cunningham
Vanessa Oswald
Barbara Rubin
Jake Gellis
Jason Smaczniak
Andrew Kutnyak
Kristy Michelle
Adam Rath
Sean Johnson
Dede and Roger Johnson
Chuckles Pacholski
Eric Maldonado
Marshall Dornink
Adam Dio
Mark Swainbank
Lynsey Miller
Caril Escott Skibinski-Turos
Michael Bednarz
Shannon Dunn
Marian Miller
Linda Llundquist
Patrick & Beatrice Rich
Jacki Weeks
Bridget Evans
Stephen JeanPierre
Tonya Dean
DaVon McCune
Marianne Koenig
Jess Moore & Dance Days of Buffalo
Wendy Diina
Nick Ceppaglia
Michael Chismar
Jeff Krause
Hostel Buffalo Niagara
Bird’s Nest Buffalo
Eric Tolbert
John Bard
Lesa Ferguson
Jayne Moorman
Yanka Dan
Valiant Gallagher
Jonathan Watts
Stephanie Runo
Jason Jones
Ikea Morgan
Floor Fetish Crew
and those who gave anonymously

Thank you!!!