As an artist, Shane Depree is always evolving. Having spent the past 15 years consumed by dance and progressing as a B-boy, Depree has recently bridged the gap between his love for dance, music and visual arts. Completing his first painting in 2011, he now has a growing collection of original work that is full of passion, life and the driving forces of creation.

Shane's 3 Way Painting Shane's family portrait Shane's Wall Painting

Out The Box

The B-Boy Paint Project

Since 2011 Shane Depree Fry (B-Boy Depree) thought about creating art by breakdancing on canvas while covered in paint.

On August 2nd, 2013 Depree teamed up with Independent Culture Firm (EKL) Equality Knowledge & Light to produce Out the Box at Verve Dance Studio in Buffalo, NY.

Out the Box is a collaboration of art and the art-form of B-Boying highlighting the similarities of various expressions, in this case dance and fine art.