Battle @ Charlotte…?

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This winter has certainly been colder than those in recent years, making it hard for many of us to stay motivated and focused on our goals. It certainly seems that most days would be better spent curled up in front of a fire place with a good book or more likely your tablet or favorite […]

A New Year – changing, as we stay the same.

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A new year means different things to different people. Some are so excited to create their goals and resolutions for the year while others don’t even pretend to expect anything different from this year then the last year. At Verve, we are focused on continued growth regardless of the calender, while we also dig into […]

Learning to Dance – Finding your comfort and pushing past it.

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It never fails to make me smile every time I get an email from someone that is their mid to late twenties or older, asking if we offer dance classes for adults. The message will usually contains sentiments of child hood and regrets for not having tried sooner and I love to reply with an […]

Buffalo: America’s Best Designed City

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It was a very touching moment for Shane and I when Trevor Drayton, aka, DJ Trevthorne shared this video with us. Buffalo: America’s Best Designed City is a beautiful commercial video that highlights the history and design of Buffalo. Buffalo: America’s Best Designed City! Sharing the careful thought, planning and emotion that went into the […]

Learning to Change, Helping Each Other Grow

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Last night was a crazy battle, even the guys at Lovejoy Pizza commented on the crowd as it was the biggest they had seen in awhile and they were judging it by the line on the sidewalk waiting to get in. We definitely had a larger crowd then most months and it was great to […]

2 vs 2 All Styles and B-boy/girl Battle happening THIS Saturday!

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And we just keep going! Another Battle @ Buffalo is happening this Saturday, September 28th and after the amazing excitement of the August battle we are ready to step it up with a 2 vs 2 battle across the board. That’s right both the All Styles Battle and the B-boy /B-girl battle will be a […]

A Movement In Motion, Looks like THIS!

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When Shane and I first decided to start Verve Dance Studio we didn’t really discuss what that would mean or what the end result would look like. I guess we both had our visions and assumed that the other person was “seeing” the same thing, as we discussed practical pieces of how, more so than […]

Battle @ Buffalo- Under the Lights 3!

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2013 marks eight years that Verve Dance Studio has been evolving to bring you the best in Buffalo family friendly hip hop. From beginning battles with only fifteen people in the room to outdoor festivals of dance, music, art and community with nearly 800 people I attendance, we love the journey and we love you! Celebrate our […]

July Battle @ Buffalo Happens Tonight at Verve Dance Studio

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Good Morning, Verve community. What a crazy summer we are having, our busiest yet and we are so excited to keep it coming, bringing you the best of the family friendly hip hop. Our visit to CW23 yesterday morning was tons of fun, D.F.C. first time performing on a TV set and despite sound challenges […]

Building Bridges and Connecting Communities- Battle @ Buffalo Welcomes Rep Your Style

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Today is a historic mark in the timeline of Verve Dance Studio and Battle @ Buffalo as we welcome Rep Your Style to our Buffalo grown community event. The June 2013  Battle @Buffalo, happening today, is a preliminary qualifier for the international Rep Your Style event held next month in N.Y.C. Rep Your Style was birthed from Dynamic […]