Battle @ Buffalo -Under the Lights 5, Celebrating Culture, Community and Our City

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Around 8 am yesterday, I walked from Spot Coffee on Delaware to the parking lot of the New Era Headquarters building where we just ended on our 5th Annual Under the Lights festival the night before. Although it’s a quiet and serene time of day to be in the city, the streets spoke to me. […]

I want to Battle You!

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Finally the sun has come back to Buffalo! Well, at least for the last Saturday in May. The weather this weekend was surely a bipolar experience, but temperatures in the high 70s brought out some colorful summer shorts and sun dresses to Downtown Buffalo. It was perfect for family and friends to spend the evening […]

Diversity Unites and Ignites April’s Battle @ Buffalo!

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The city just has a different feel every last Saturday of month. For me it is the anticipation of the circle and the music that will provide the platform to release built up creativity. I am always thirsty for the opportunity to connect with an audience that loves the freedom of movement combined with personality. […]

Spring Battle @ Buffalo: Kinetic Energy Defeats the Frigid Cold and Delivers Warmth in the Community

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Temperatures plateaued around the mid-20s, but the lingering winter cold could not stop the kinetic energy of Spring. I could see the bright evening sun dancing down the sides of the buildings on Main Street while the Verve Dance Studio hosted their monthly dance battle held on the last Saturday of every month. This month’s […]

Strength, Persistence, Patience, Flexibility, Dedication, Rhythm, Originality

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These are just some of the amazing traits we saw dancers display at Battle@Buffalo on Saturday. Coming out to support a trial format called Triple Threat, dancers showed just how much courage it takes sometimes to put yourself out there. Knowing that it takes years to progress skills and develop certain moves or styles that […]

Battle @ Buffalo – Triple Threat Battles!

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Every month Battle @ Buffalo is an exciting and fun time to get together with your friends and enjoy great music and dancing. This Saturday will be all that and more as we test out a new format. With 6 different, 8 person battles in the categories of Hip Hop, Hat Tricks, Top Rocking, Bboying, […]

Under the Lights 4 Has Come and Gone…

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Under the Lights and leaves on the trees turning red and orange have now become synonymous with fall for our family. Our summer builds with such excitement as we prepare for our annual celebration of Battle@Buffalo that when Under the Lights is over it feels like a fast free fall into the fall season and […]

Battle@Buffalo June 2014 – Soaking Up the Sun and Cultivating the Next Community

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So far this summer each day seems hotter and more humid than the last, but I can’t complain when I think back to how my fingers and toes were perpetually numb from the sub-zero temperatures of this past winter. Soaking up the sun is top priority for me this summer and I know many who […]

Dancing at Food Truck Tuesdays!

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Summer officially starts on Tuesday May 27th for Differential Flava Crew. You can join us at Larkin Square on Seneca Street for their ongoing segment of Food Truck Tuesdays. If you have not yet been to Larkin Square on any day or on Tuesdays, make plans to join us this coming week. It is a […]

Top Health Benefits from Dancing- at any Age!

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Dance classes are not just for kids. Dance classes are not just for fun.  Although that is a good reason to take them. Here are four, very adult, very practical reasons for you to join our next session of adult classes. 4 BIG REASONS to dance as an adult: 1. Flexibility Flexibility is an important […]