I want to Battle You!

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Finally the sun has come back to Buffalo! Well, at least for the last Saturday in May. The weather this

weekend was surely a bipolar experience, but temperatures in the high 70s brought out some colorful

summer shorts and sun dresses to Downtown Buffalo. It was perfect for family and friends to spend the

evening wandering around the downtown area searching for an event the whole family can enjoy. A

light traffic of people populated Main Street and quite a few made their way into the Verve Dance

Studio to check out the 5th Battle @ Buffalo of the year entitle “I want to Battle you.”

The event started at 7:00pm, and this month, the first time attenders always seem to be excited about

the dancers warming up before the battle. The flow of energy sparks conversation, smiles, and people

anxiously awaiting the formation of the battle circle. There is always a mixture of All-stylers popping,

locking, waving, krumping, and gliding all across the studio floors. It is even more noticeable when a few

B-boys/girls break out their fresh floor work combined with a windmill or a head spin. That normally

stops conversation for a bit and the video app from the smart phones are then activated to capture

something they have never seen in person. I mean, with all the music provided by Dj TrevThorne and DJ

Sike, how can anyone keep themselves from vibing in the pre-battle, funk-driven, atmosphere? Even the

spectators can be seen unknowingly mimicking the movement of the dancers as if they choreographed

the moves themselves. It’s a perfect build up to the start of the battles.

The event officially kicked off with the voice of the MC, B-boy Shane Dupree Fry, pulling everyone closer

for the battles to begin. Shane announced the Battle format as he sought to combine the B-boys/girls

and All-stylers into one bracket. The dancers in this 16 person brackets included: New Wings vs B-boy

Hogs, B-boy Auston vs BAM, Night Wing vs Titan, B-boy Jay C vs VI One, Skyline vs Devi Dev, Silly vs Kid

Vicious, B-boy Rise vs B-boy Zow, and B-boy CJ vs B-boy Gage. This month’s judges included: Stacy

Vanblarcom aka B-girl Resolve, Joel Lil Sov Lindsey, and Shane himself.

The battles brought out some interesting character work and new young dancers this month. Each

bracket had something memorable. From the blend of styles from Mr. Mohawk himself Kid Vicious to B-

boy Jay C’s flow of floor work, Flannel shirt, and threads that seem to be musically seamless. Devi Dev’s

grooves, Silly’s animation, New Wings hard hits, B-boy Gage’s clean transitions, and B-boy Auston’s

unique ability to re-invent traditional floor work and make it his own made the battles leading up to the

finals y undeniably entertaining. However, the finals definitely included the two best in show of the

night: Jay C vs Gage.

The anticipation of the final battle of the night created a deserving buzz among the spectators as the B-

boys devoured the beats and displayed personality in each round. B-boy Jay C certainly has been

working on a few knew tricks as his floor work just kept getting more musically intricate and

unpredictable. He was certainly a worthy competitor, but B-boy Gage’s floor charisma and beat

manipulation earned him his second consecutive title as winner of the May Battle @ Buffalo “I want to

battle you.”

The next Battle @ Buffalo will be held on June 27th at 7:00pm at 910 Main street third floor. I hope the

weather is more consistent on that weekend. Well, at least for that Saturday evening, because the sun

can easily influence style, creativity, and positivity. Congratulations again to B-boy Gage for winning this

month’s Battle; he has definitely become a consistent champion. See you next month at the only Hip

Hop event in Buffalo geared towards positively entertaining everyone in the community.

Life is about positive movement, define yours.