Strength, Persistence, Patience, Flexibility, Dedication, Rhythm, Originality

Posted by on Sep 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

These are just some of the amazing traits we saw dancers display at Battle@Buffalo on Saturday. Coming out to support a trial format called Triple Threat, dancers showed just how much courage it takes sometimes to put yourself out there.

Knowing that it takes years to progress skills and develop certain moves or styles that aren’t always able to be showcased in a typical battle, we wanted to create the opportunity for dancers to show pieces of their overall skill set that the regular attendees of B@B may not get to see. The result was incredible! Having a total of 6 battles in the categories of Hip Hop, Hat Tricks, House, Power/Tricking, Top Rocking and Bboy dancers were able to enter 3 battles of their choice and compete against 7 other dancers.

Having more specific skill sets be the battle criteria allowed many dancers to progress further in the categories that they have been concentrating on. It also allowed us as the audience to learn more about dance styles such as House or the martial arts influenced category of Tricking which are not normally showcased at B@B. All this led to a very supportive excitement and some first time wins for Bboy Rise and Greaze. As well as some veteran wins by Flyywalker and Resolve.

I personally enjoyed seeing dancers that I have watched many times perform moves that they have been keeping secret. It is a wonderful time to watch as they show off these moves for the first time with pride and apprehension waiting for the responsive feedback of the crowd.

It can be hard to practice day after day, week after week as the years go by and you compare your progress to your past self or to those around you. Time spent crafting your skills, expressing yourself and sharing your passion for dance is never lost. It is time spent building community, motivating others to pursue their goals and allowing yourself to have a story to tell.

Battle @ Buffalo has given an arena for many local dancers, dj’s and community members to discover themselves and their love for music and dance. We are dedicated to continuing this mission and for all those supporting our community over the past 9 years, thank you. For those that come every month, we see you and appreciate you. For those that come a couple times a year or have only come once, we appreciate you too. It is all of us together that create the history and tell the story of the dance scene in Buffalo.