Under the Lights 4 Has Come and Gone…

Posted by on Aug 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Under the Lights and leaves on the trees turning red and orange have now become synonymous with fall for our family. Our summer builds with such excitement as we prepare for our annual celebration of Battle@Buffalo that when Under the Lights is over it feels like a fast free fall into the fall season and I am not quite ready to let go of the summer.
Under the Lights 4 was definitely the best yet in many ways. It was by far the smoothest running Battle@Buffalo-Under the Lights despite many pre-event mix-ups with various suppliers. Everything was wonderful from the set up of the event to the talent, vendors, dancers, judges, artists and clean up. As our community you all continue to impress me with your support and understanding of our ‪#‎VerveDanceStudio‬ vision. In the words of new vendor, Global Villages, “This is what the “new America” should be, so many different colors of people and everything is peaceful. Everyone is smiling and having fun…” Each of you contributes to the atmosphere and progression of our ‪#‎culture‬ and ‪#‎community‬.Understanding that none of us are perfect, we all make mistakes and irritate each other, we don’t always agree on decisions made by the judges at events and we don’t all like each other’s art or moves or music yet, we CAN and we DO support and respect each other’s ability and passion to continue finding ourselves and expressing ourselves through the elements of ‪#‎hiphop‬
The days after Under the Lights we spend cleaning up, calming down and preparing for our upcoming season of classes. Every year, and yet especially so this year we are also having meetings and making lists of all the ways we want the next Under the Lights to be even better. Maintaining is never the goal. Inspiring, progressing and evolving is always the mission and we look forward to including you in the vision. As you reflect on your experiences with Verve Dance Studio and Under the Lights, please let us know what ideas, concepts or creations you believe would add to our ability to educate our community through entertainment. 
We will be posting photos and videos from Under the Lights 4 very soon. Please be patient with us as we have thousands of photos and hours of footage to review and condense.  In the meantime you can find photos and videos from UTL3 on the Under the Lights page, below our comments.  Cherish the memories and share with your friends and family. We create the reality we live so let’s make it one we can be proud of.
Thank you all for being part of our lives, 
Heather, Shane, Brooklynn, Sebastian, Ilana, Irie and the Verve Dance Studio Team!