Battle@Buffalo June 2014 – Soaking Up the Sun and Cultivating the Next Community

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So far this summer each day seems hotter and more humid than the last, but I can’t complain when I think back to how my fingers and toes were perpetually numb from the sub-zero temperatures of this past winter. Soaking up the sun is top priority for me this summer and I know many who have the same plans. A friend was just saying yesterday that Buffalo is now itching to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and try to shake the memories of snow plows and frost bitten fingers. New festivals are popping up everywhere as opportunities for the community to come out and celebrate summer as only a city locked in frost for 6 months can.

We saw  this on Saturday when the studio was packed wall to wall with people, buzzing with the anticipation and excitement that comes with summer jams. Many were friends and family of young students, showing support for the kids’ performance. Others were there to show off their skills, battling for both a cash prize and the respect of fellow dancers.

We kicked things off with the class performances, giving the kids a chance to show the skills they’ve acquired over the past year. From the young 5/6 year olds on into the pre- teen classes, they gave it their all and were met with more screaming support then their ears could handle. It was awesome to see so many regular battle attendees, not related to the kids, cheer them on and greet them with hugs and high fives when they were done.

After the kids were done showing off, DJ Trevthorne spun us through a tribute to Michael Jackson and right on into our All Styles battle. With Shane Depree as our host, the 1 on 1, 16 bracket battle got hype quick. One noteworthy battle was between two young Verve students in the same class, who had the courage to step up and give it their all. In the end, DFC crew member T.E.I.N claimed the title of All Styles Winner for this month. We changed up the format for the B-boy battle this month to make it a 5 to smoke. Round after round, each dancer displayed their skills while the judges determined who got to stay on the floor. The first one to get 5 wins was B-boy Gage, also a member of Differential Flava Crew. DJ Trevthorne brought the event to a close with some summer classics that no one could resist grooving to.

Those who’ve spent any amount of time at Verve know that the preservation of hip hop culture is a fundamental goal of ours and of the people we call our community. One of the ways we seek to accomplish this goal is through the education of our students. By teaching kids not only the moves, but also the history of hip hop itself, we try to instill an appreciation for the art that will carry on through to future generations. Striving to perpetuate a strong sense of community in our students, knowing that they will continue to give to those around them. It is wonderful to see so many kids on the road to becoming talented and giving members of our community. Judging by the performances we saw on Saturday, I’d say that the scene has a bright future ahead of it.

Check out two of the performances from that night and find the rest under the Battle@Buffalo section. Peace, see you next month!


Battle@Buffalo June 2014 – Wednesday Kids’ Hip Hop Performance


Battle@Buffalo June 2014 – Young DFC Performance